Welcome to Autumn

Seasonal changes are not only experienced in our environment. Our health, energy levels and emotions can be affected too.

Autumn has arrived and with it brings the cooler drier fresh air that can feel refreshing and invigorating after the hot damp humidity of late summer. According to the 5 element theory autumn relates to the metal element. And within the metal element the lungs and the large intestines are the organs that are most effected during this period. The emotions of the metal element are grief and sadness and pungent flavours are the tastes of this season.

Welcome to autumn

In oriental philosophies, the lungs transform the air we breathe into the energy that circulates around our bodies. The lung energy also opens out into the nose. It is more common for the body to be affected by the changes in temperature during autumn. The lungs dislike cold and sudden cooler changes in air and water temperature can bring about sneezes, runny noses coughs and sniffles. It is also said that the lungs controls the skin which controls the opening and closing of the pores and the regulation of sweat and body temperature. As the weather cools the pores close tighter, the body tends to sweat less to maintain body heat and this can cause dryness of the skin and skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis can develop.

During autumn remember to keep warm, avoid drafts and wear a scarf to cover the neck and the shoulders to prevent colds and flu, wry neck and frozen shoulder. Start dry brushing to invigorate the skin.

Add pungent flavours to the diet such as garlic, ginger and horseradish. Eat seasonal foods and plenty of cooked red/ golden vegetables and leafy greens. Stay healthy with plenty of rest and rejuvenating Japanese acupuncture.