Understanding your natural body signs is the key to natural contraception Part 2

I am pleased to be able to offer you some advice in regards to your choices of contraception. So let’s start by exploring all the forms of contraception and their effectiveness…

Barrier, Fertility Awareness and Sterilisation.

Condoms and Diaphragms are barrier methods of contraception. The condom is the most effective form of contraception for the prevention of the spread of sexually transmitted disease (STD). These are extremely important especially for teenager whom are not in long term relationships and have not been screened for STD’s. Used properly can offer 99% effectiveness.

Diaphragms are also reliable with correct fitting and regular biannual checks by an experienced family planning nurse. It is recommended that Spermicidal gel is used in combination with a diaphragm.

Spermicidal gel kills or disables sperm. If you prefer more natural products make your own homemade spermicidal gels such as Lemon juice and aloevera gel or try Vitamin C and Slippery elm that can disable sperm in 30 secs.

Effectiveness rates of various methods are enhanced by combining barrier methods with spermicidal gel and body literacy with barrier methods and spermicides. Mixing and matching can reduce user fatigue and enable the use of the best method for the occasion.

An Intra Uterine Device IUD is an abortiphascient which means that once the egg and sperm have conceived the natural environment is changed so that the dividing cells are unable to survive. This can create ethical problems for some couples. Due to the added progesterone on an IUD women can also experience hormonal and mineral imbalances. There is also a potential for perforation of the uterus and a great chance of ectopic pregnancy, premature babies and bleeding from using an IUD.

Female sterilisation involves Tubal ligation which can cause dysmenorrhoea or painful periods and is commonly followed by hysterectomy and early menopause. Male sterilisation or Vasectomy has side effects too which include cardiovascular disease, thyroid problems and prostate and testicular cancer.

Fertility Awareness involves the methods of withdrawal, rhythm, symptom-thermo technique and natural fertility management.

Contraception is all about keeping the sperm away from the egg. The withdrawal method is not a very effective form of contraception as the sperm is present in the fluids that are secreted prior to ejaculation.

The rhythm method used in combination with other body literacy can be effective once charting of the menstrual cycle has been completed for 6 to 12 months. Alone this technique does not allow for unpredictable changes within your cycle and creates long periods of abstinence at the most fertile times which does not create a healthy sex life

Natural fertility management involves a combination of techniques that include sympto-thermo, charting of the basal body temperature and cervical mucus changes, understanding body literacy and recording body symptoms and the lunar cycle. Studies have shown that the contraception kits created by Francesca Naish and Jane Bennett have a success rate between 97% and 99.8% when used correctly.

In my next blog I will share with you more information about these natural techniques to help you understanding your own natural body signs.

Yours in health and fertility,

Andrea x

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