Understanding your natural body signs is the key to contraception part 6

Charting basal body temperature is easy to do and record each day. Within a few cycles you can tell a lot about hormonal levels and ovulation. The temperature rise mid cycle can also confirm your mucus readings that ovulation has occurred. For contraception temperature tells you that your fertile period has ended and you are in a non fertile phase.

Basal body temperature is best taken when you first wake in the morning before you get out of bed after at least 4 hours sleep. So you need to be organised and have a digital thermometer next to the bed. It’s best to take your temperature under your tongue with your mouth closed and leave it there until the thermometer beeps that it has recorded your temp (about 30 seconds).

You don’t need to take the temperature at the same time each day. You can adjust it by moving the temperature up and down by .05 Celsius according to the time you wake. If you rise earlier adjust it up by .05 Celsius for every ½ hour before you record it. If you rise later adjust it down by .05 Celsius for every ½ hour before you record it. This is the key to creating the most accurate charts especially for those who are shift workers and keep irregular hours.

Recording your temperature is best done on a bar graph for ease of reading once you have completed a cycle. I recommend the charts in the workbook found in the Natural Fertility Management contraception and conception kits because they are so detailed and easy to read and interpret. These charts include space for temperature chart, mucus observations, lunar cycle and body symptoms.

The mucus readings are the primary method for assessing the beginning and the end of your mid cycle fertile phase. A mid cycle rise in temperature will confirm that you have ovulated and a sustained rise for 3 days indicates that you have begun the post ovulation non fertile phase. Reading your graph is simple if you follow the rule of the 3 over 6. When you see the temperature has risen for 3 days higher than the previous 6 days you know that you have entered a non fertile phase.

Once you understand your cycles your temperature observations you will primarily use your mucus readings to check for your fertile period and use temperature as a back up at times of infection or change such as breastfeeding or during your peri menopause phase.

Look for my next blog on Lunar Cycles!

Yours in health and fertility

Andrea x