Understanding your body signs the keys to natural contraception

Here is the final piece of the pie in regards to understanding your natural body signs.

The lunar cycle is an extremely important part of understanding Natural Fertility Management for contraception and conception. The lunar cycle was discovered in the 50’s by a Czech scientist Dr Jonas. He found that women can spontaneously ovulate a second time in their cycle according to the position of the sun and the moon at the time of their birth. This position is called the natal angle and when it occurs in each moon cycle, ovulation can occur even when you are not in your fertile phase. This phenomenon can be used to explain non identical twins and conception when a woman was not in her mid cycle fertile phase.

In an earlier blog I mentioned how powerful the relationship of the moon cycle is to the female menstrual cycle, studies have shown that male fertility is also affected by the lunar cycle and that sperm count can increase up to 10 times at the lunar peak.

Understanding your individual lunar cycle is important for those wishing to avoid or achieve pregnancy. Firstly knowing when this lunar peak occurs each month allows you to use the appropriate contraception if it does not occur at the same time as your mid cycle ovulation. It’s important to remember that you are fertile during this lunar phase even if it occurs during menstruation.

Secondly, if you are wishing to conceive the lunar peak can increase your chances of conceiving by giving a second fertile period. You may also choose to synchronise the lunar peak period with your mid cycle ovulation to make your fertile period even more fertile.

Synchronisation is easy once you know when your lunar peak occurs. Your personal lunar calculations can be obtained through the Natural Fertility Management kits once you email your date and time and location of birth.

Synchronisation of your lunar peak with mid cycle ovulation is easy to do with visualisation and meditation. Moon charts are a good visual support, and help you to clearly see the pattern of your lunar peak each month. This information can also be charted for ease of recall and as a reminder of this fertile period. After a few months of concentrated effort your lunar and fertile phases can align to become only one fertile phase, and so reducing the number of fertile days in your cycle.

For more information read The Lunar Cycle and/or chapter 7 of Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish.

You will gain confidence by charting your readings for at least 3 cycles, understanding your mucus, your temperature and your lunar cycle. This will give you the option to have more unprotected intercourse. Always make your decisions based on the most conservative indicators and take no risks.

I hope that you are now on the way to enjoying the healthy benefits, self awareness and personal reward that natural fertility can bring you throughout your life. Once you understand your body rhythms you can easily use this information to conceive when you decide the time has come.

Yours in health and fertility

Andrea x