Understanding your body signs is the key to natural contraception Part 3

In this blog I would like to take a closer look at the importance of intention and the menstrual cycle.

Intention can play an important part in contraception. I encourage couple’s to take time at the beginning of each menstrual cycle to set their intentions and choose methods of contraception to best suit themselves. This leads to their desired result of not becoming pregnant.  When couple have the knowledge of all forms of natural contraception and understand their natural body signs the best choices are made. Setting intention in regards to contraception creates a healthy sex life.

When a couple intend to conceive, having the knowledge of their body signs allows them to make conceptions attempts at the optimal time of their cycle, giving them the greatest chance of conceiving and without an increased risk of miscarriage.

Let’s take a closer look at a healthy menstrual cycle.

Our menstrual cycle is a great indication of the state of our health and fertility. When the body is under stress from lifestyle factors such as  poor diet, toxins in our food or in the environment, and emotional and physical stress our bodies become fatigued and unwell. This can also affect our menstrual cycle that can easily become out of balance and symptoms can arise. In optimal health our menstrual cycles are regular between 26 to 31 days and our menstrual bleed (period) is fresh red and pain free. Embracing your own menstrual cycle and the different phases of this incredible cycle of reproduction are the first steps towards understanding your own natural body signs


From days 1 to 5 is a non fertile period when the endometrial lining sheds. In this phase of the cycle women s bodies naturally cleanse. It is a time when the energy levels are lower and a great time for reflection and setting intention for the cycle ahead.

Follicular Phase

This phase follows menstruation until ovulation. In this phase hormonal levels increase and the follicles within the ovaries mature until ovulation occurs. Energies increase and women tend to be more creative so it’s a good take on new projects or explore the arts.


This occurs mid cycle when one of the ovaries release an egg ready for fertilisation by the sperm. This process last for 24 to 48 hours and is the fertile period of the cycle.

Luteal Phase

If the egg is not fertilised the corpeus luteum releases progesterone and the endometrial lining thickens until the end of the cycle and menstruation begins again. Energy levels increase during this phase and are maintained until menstruation starts again. The body naturally holds more fluid towards the end of the cycle which can make women more emotionally sensitive.

Menstrual cycles are connected to the moon cycle like animals and plants. It’s fascinating how when women spend time together their menstrual cycles can synchronise. When we give ourselves a healthy lifestyle and diet our bodies can function at an optimal level and our menstrual cycles can become regular and symptom free.

Yours in health and fertility

Andrea x

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