Understanding male and female fertility are the keys to effective contraception part 4

In the last blog I introduced the menstrual cycle and hope you learnt lots. Males and females play equal roles in reproduction so understanding male sperm and the role males share in contraception is what I’ll cover in this post.

Communication and joint decision making in regards to your choice of contraception makes for effective contraception. It’s also important that you are both comfortable and satisfied with the methods that you choose. Natural contraception in this way leads to longevity of use, motivation from both partners and the ability to add or subtract methods as needed which leads to positive relationships and eventually healthy children when couples decide to conceive.

Males are fertile everyday from puberty and some men until the age of 70 years. Male sperm takes more than 100 days to develop, mature, and make its way through the tubes to be ejaculated. Once sperm is ejaculated it can live for 3 to a maximum of 5 days. This is important knowledge for contraception and conception.

I mentioned in my last blog that women are only fertile for 24 to 48 hour of each cycle from puberty until approximately 49 years of age. During this fertile phase you need to keep the sperm away from the egg to avoid conception!

To understand when this fertile phase begins and ends its best to chart your observations daily for 3 to 6 months. This only takes a few minutes each day and with this knowledge you can be free to choose a natural method of contraception to use during the fertile phase.

In my next blog I will look at the 3 different observations that you chart in the Natural Fertility Management kits.

Yours in health and fertility

Andrea x

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