Healthy Living Club’s guest blogger for January 2013

Thanks to Cyndi and the team at ‘Changing Habits Healthy Living Club’ for the invitation to be your guest blogger for January. Before writing this blog, I enjoyed reading some of the great blogs from club members and previous bloggers. Last month, Dr Sarah Farrant, so eloquently created clarity and insights into ‘Alternate’ ways to think about healthcare for your family and got everyone’s thinking caps on. What a great opportunity it is for me to share some of the knowledge I have learnt over the past 30 years about contraception and natural conception.

Cyndi and I both grew up in Bendigo in Victoria. Cyndi’s father Dave was my chiropractor when I was a child. Like Cyndi, I have also been lucky to come from a family that believed in the benefits of alternate medicine.  After my birth (in the 60’s) my parents took me along to their chiropractor for my first adjustment. Not because there was anything obviously wrong with me but because they wanted to be sure my body was in the best health possible, to give me the greatest chance of developing strong and healthy. When we did get the occasional cold, mum and dad would give us plenty of rest, a dose of vitamin c and take us off to the chiropractor for an adjustment.

My parent’s belief in alternative approaches to health and natural medicine lead me to a career in acupuncture and herbal medicine. As well as the benefits of the acupuncture and herbal medicine as a highly effective health care system, I was drawn to the holistic philosophies of eastern medicine that focus on prevention rather than cure.

Whilst studying my degree in acupuncture I was introduced to a book called Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish. Francesca a naturopath and hypnotherapist had been helping couples with their fertility for 30 years and had written a series of books on the natural way to having better babies, pregnancy, birthing bonding and breastfeeding. With her experience and expertise she and Jane Bennett formulated kits for contraception and conception which combine all natural techniques for a planned conception and confident contraception. This approach initially empowered me with new techniques to use to alleviate my own concerns in regards to contraception. At that point of my life I didn’t wish to fall pregnant but I knew that one day I wanted to be a mother. I felt that even though I was using the techniques for contraception I knew that they were the building block towards a healthy planned conception, pregnancy and baby in the future. I attended the last postgraduate course of natural fertility management by Francesca in 2002, which gave me a no stones unturned approach to fertility and allowed integration of both eastern and western science for the benefit of my clients.

I am excited to share with you over the month of January information and techniques that I have learnt from Francesca and Jane also the co author of The Pill Are you Sure it’s for you? I will also draw from experiences both personal and professional that I have gained.

Changing habits healthy living club members are health conscious and many may already have a natural understanding of their menstrual cycle and body signs but for most of the population the Pill has become the most popular form of contraception since its introduction in the early 60’s. This leaves women without a natural cycle or a true period and symptoms that are side effects of excessive amounts of synthetic hormone circulating through their bodies.

Today many girls by the age of 16 years are prescribed the Pill and/or different forms of synthetically derived contraceptive hormones to regulate their cycle, relieve them of painful or irregular periods and/or because of their parent’s fear of them becoming pregnant. This choice can be detrimental to their health and once they stop the Pill they are commonly without a natural cycle for extended amounts of time and the symptoms that were previous experienced return usually at a greater level of severity.

There are natural alternatives available, and this is why Cyndi has asked me to share with you information about the Pill in regards to its harmful side effects and to inform you about the alternative methods that are available for contraception that are easy to learn and safe to use. In my experience most women find the natural techniques for contraception highly effective and empowering, and these can be used throughout your fertile days even during times of change during breastfeeding and menopause.

Understanding your natural body signs is the key to empowering women and couples towards a healthier, fertile future. When combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle and with natural remedies such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and natural supplementation the body naturally re balances into a regular cycle even when previously irregular or painful.

Knowledge is power and this gives couples the opportunity to make informed decisions in regards to their choice of contraception.

I look forward to informing you more in my next blog about the side effects of the Pill and trust that you will be able to answer this question… The Pill Are you sure it’s for you?

Warmest wishes for a healthy and joyful 2013.

Andrea x

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