Digestive Health from a Chinese Perspective

By Shani Isaacson


Digestive health is the foundation for emotional and physical health in Chinese Medicine. In Chinese five-element theory the spleen and stomach functions are responsible for providing nutrition to the whole body, controlling the emotional state, and building the immune system. This is why we observe that the emotional health can affect the physical and the reverse is true. The spleen correlates to the earth element, if the earth is deficient, nothing else can thrive and there will surely be a gradual onset of symptoms.


We see many widely treatable disorders in practice from colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, anaemia, anxiety and depression. As practitioners of Chinese Medicine we will most likely increase the spleen function to assist healing of these imbalances. This in turn influences the quality and quantity of nutrients available for all bodily functions.


Not only do we need a healthy spleen to take in the nutrients effectively, we also need quality foods to nourish and balance the mind, body and spirit.  This is why Traditional Chinese Medicine views food as medicine.  Foods have thermal natures and tastes, which have functions that influence the body in different ways. We use thermal natures and taste functions in relation to the client’s specific body type, and pattern of disharmony to create health from within.


To heal your digestive imbalances we recommend a course of 6-10 acupuncture treatments and good quality, easily digestible nutrient dense foods. Once symptoms have healed we encourage preventative care treatments, which is monthly maintenance acupuncture.


We are excited to see you at our talk on digestive health, hoping you will bring along questions that can assist you to begin your self-healing journey.


An old Chinese saying goes ‘Eat breakfast like a Queen, lunch with your friends and enjoy dinner like a pauper’.