Acupressure points to calm the mind and heal the heart










Heart 7 also called Shenmen and translated as ‘Spirit Gate’, and is a great point to use at home with gentle acupressure. This point is known as ‘the gateway to the Heart’, through which Heart can express itself in the world. It can have a calming, strengthening and stabilising abilities. Shen-men may calm the mind, ease anxiety, sadness, mania-depression, and help mend a broken heart. It assists with memory and mental capacity. It is often used in acupuncture to treat medical conditions such as insomnia, sleep talking and palpitations.

Pericardium 6, also called Neiguan and translated as ‘Inner Frontier Gate’ is an important point on the Heart Protector (Pericardium) meridian. It steadies the Heart, the circulation, the Stomach, the Mind and the emotions. Neiguan is one of the important points influencing the chest and chest cavity, exerts profound influence over the Heart and Lungs and promotes circulation of Qi and Blood in the body. It is often used in acupuncture to treat chest pain, pain in the ribs, palpitation, arrhythmia and hypertension. It relaxes the coronary arteries and is known to have a general analgesic effect. It is an important point to bring balance to the fire element and is often used to treat heat condition such as fever, headache, red face with hot skin.

Neiguan also steadies the emotions, calms and clear the mind, and brightens the mental outlook. It will calm the mind and ease emotional disharmony such as irritability, anxiety, depression, mania, fear, fright, sadness and insomnia. It facilitates the communication between the Heart and outer world, protects the Heart from emotional hurtful situation and opens to connect emotionally with loving relationships. Neiguan has the capacity to heal old wound and past traumatic experiences, helps sufferers of posttraumatic stress disorder on their journey of healing.

Neiguan is a significant go-to point used for nausea and vomiting. It may beneficial to treat all kinds of nausea including morning sickness during pregnancy, motion sickness, and nausea experienced during chemotherapy.

Joseph Sia

MAppSc (ChinHerbMed), BHsc (Acu), BHSc (Nat),BHSc (Nutr), BHSc (WestHerbMed)