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Pregnancy Health Care…leading you towards natural labour

Congratulations! Now you are pregnant…continue to be supported with acupuncture and naturopathy throughout your pregnancy and enjoy this precious time in life by alleviating aches and pain, calming morning sickness and heart burn, avoiding conditions that are deemed ‘normal’ in pregnancy.

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What a relief!

Acupuncture and Naturopathy are natural ways to balance your body and conditions of pregnancy should they arise.

Pre birth Acupuncture

From 35 weeks gestation, Acupuncture is beneficial to support your body’s natural processes to birth your baby. Oriental techniques have been used in midwifery for thousands of years, to improve the position of baby, softening your cervix, pelvis and ligaments, regulate hormones and descend energies that can lead you towards a natural, uncomplicated labour.

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Acupressure points for labour

In the final weeks of pregnancy we offer to help couples prepare for labour by teaching partners how to locate and use acupressure points that have been shown to be beneficial for relief of discomfort and symptoms during labour.

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Promote Labour

In Japan gestation is considered to be 42 weeks. In the West, women are keen to have their babies at 40 weeks which doesn’t always happen… It is well documented that Acupuncture is a gentle way to encourage babies to arrive naturally when you and your baby are ready.

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