Fertility Management

natural fertility

Our Natural Fertility Management programs are designed with a ‘no stones unturned’ approach.

  • optimal health and fertility
  • natural contraception methods
  • planned conception
  • healthy pregnancy
  • natural, uncomplicated labour
  • ‘better’ healthy babies

Natural Fertility programs are designed for all your fertility needs; from contraception, planned conception, pregnancy health care through to menopause.

Natural Contraception Program…understanding your natural body signs

Empower your womanhood and intimate relationships by understanding your natural body signs for contraception. Avoid the harmful effects of drugs to control your cycles for contraception and feel the benefits of healthy natural menstrual cycles.These techniques once learnt can be used for the rest of your fertile days and gently lead you towards menopause.

Pre Conception Health Care… for healthier ‘better’ babies

When you reach a more optimal health prior to conceiving you can pass on that great health to your baby. The ‘Better’ babies program is true preventative medicine. Designed to support couples prior to conceiving and for those couples who are experiencing fertility problems. This program can help to increase the success of IVF attempts when completed prior to procedures. The benefits are healthier couples, healthier pregnancies and healthy babies.

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Click here to take you to a podcast where Andrea discuss hormones and the big issues of hormone disturbances and increasing infertility in the western world. It is an hour of education and awareness about what we need to teach not only ourselves but also our young teenage girls and boys.

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