Our services are provided in the tranquil surrounds of Twin Waters. Arrive a few minutes early and slip off your shoes, pop on some slippers and enjoy a cup of  japanese tea before your appointment.


Japanese Acupuncture

A Powerful Form Of Health Care The philosophies of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Japanese Acupuncture have evolved from thousands of years of intellectual thought and clinical experience. Today this ancient healing system is practiced throughout the world. The World Health Organisation recognises a number of disorders that have been successfully treated by acupuncture. These include… Read more »


Naturopathy works with the body to increase its ability to heal. Our services include nutritional assessment and prescription, herbal medicines, dietary therapy and lifestyle advice. Naturopathy focuses on preventative medicine as well as identifying and treating the underlying causes of health issues. As a part of our naturopathic consultation we utilise Quantum Reflex Analysis.  … Read more »

Fertility Management

Our Natural Fertility Management programs are designed with a ‘no stones unturned’ approach. optimal health and fertility natural contraception methods planned conception healthy pregnancy natural, uncomplicated labour ‘better’ healthy babies Natural Fertility programs are designed for all your fertility needs; from contraception, planned conception, pregnancy health care through to menopause. Natural Contraception Program…understanding your natural… Read more »

IVF Support

Preparation is key… Preconception health care programs aim to increase the health of both partners using natural methods to better prepare your body for assisted conception, pregnancy and childbirth. By integrating both eastern and western medicine you can improve your chances of IVF success. Not only can acupuncture improve the way you feel during your IVF program by regulating… Read more »

Pregnancy Healthcare

Pregnancy Health Care…leading you towards natural labour Congratulations! Now you are pregnant…continue to be supported with acupuncture and naturopathy throughout your pregnancy and enjoy this precious time in life by alleviating aches and pain, calming morning sickness and heart burn, avoiding conditions that are deemed ‘normal’ in pregnancy. Find research here: acupuncture What a relief! Acupuncture and Naturopathy… Read more »

Post-natal Care

Post Natal and Breastfeeding care Congratulations… now your precious baby has arrived. Acupuncture can help you to build your energies after labour, shorten your recovery time, slow bleeding and bring your body back into shape so you can enjoy motherhood. Should you experience breastfeeding complications; mastitis, engorgement or reduce supply and flow, acupuncture stimulates your… Read more »