Staying Healthy in the Winter Months

Chinese Medicine teaches human beings to live in harmony with natural cycles of the environment. Winter urges us to slow down, rest, restore and revitalize. Winter is Yin in nature; it is inactive, cold, and darker. Remain introspective, restful, and consolidate your Qi through the season and prepare for the outburst of new life and… Read more »

Winter Solstice

Take some time for yourself this week as we move towards Winter Solstice. This Sunday the 21st of June in the Southern Hemisphere will be the shortest day of the year. Winter and this week especially is when our energies are at their deepest so it’s important to respect this time, listen to your body… Read more »

Dosojin “The Guardians”

Dosojin “The Guardians” were brought for our practice on a recent trip to Nozawa Onsen Japan. They are well known to protect travellers on their journey, as well as protect homes from fire. Depicted in human form, as a man and a woman, their guardianship extends to marriage, fertility and childbirth. Our new friends are… Read more »

Welcome to Autumn

Seasonal changes are not only experienced in our environment. Our health, energy levels and emotions can be affected too. Autumn has arrived and with it brings the cooler drier fresh air that can feel refreshing and invigorating after the hot damp humidity of late summer. According to the 5 element theory autumn relates to the… Read more »

Ginger and Chilli Pork Stir-fry

As the weather gets cooler in autumn, it’s a good idea to eat less cooling, raw foods and enjoy more cooked foods. This helps to nourish the body and support the immune system through winter. Eating more pungent foods such as herbs and spices office 2016 Product key helps to support the Lungs, which are… Read more »

Dry Skin Brushing

An invigorating exercise during Autumn to stimulate the skin and remove dry skin cell and promote circulation of the lymphatic system and improve the immunity.

Christmas Cake Recipe

(Sugar Free, Grain Free) The festive season is often a time of overindulgence. Why not try some healthier alternatives this year to share with your family and friends. My mum makes this cake every year and it’s an absolute favourite in our family ~Kate Bird.

Understanding your body signs the keys to natural contraception

Here is the final piece of the pie in regards to understanding your natural body signs. The lunar cycle is an extremely important part of understanding Natural Fertility Management for contraception and conception. The lunar cycle was discovered in the 50’s by a Czech scientist Dr Jonas. He found that women can spontaneously ovulate a second… Read more »

Understanding your natural body signs is the key to natural contraception part 5

The most important observations when charting your cycle are cervical mucus patterns and basal body temperature (the body temperature at rest). These are the best methods for establishing your individual fertile period and hormonal patterns. When these patterns are combined with your personal lunar cycle and other body symptoms, they can give you a more accurate understanding of… Read more »