Clay Packing

External Detoxification that can help Resolve Chronic Health Complaints

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Clay Packing has been used for centuries in many cultures for its cleansing and healing properties. Clay packing is often indicated when chronic productkeysticker health complaints are present, that are stubborn to resolve with multiple therapies. This can include pain, fatigue, digestive complaints, poor fertility and sinus problems. The clays used are highly absorbent and are rich in ionic minerals that draw out toxins deep within the tissues through a cation exchange and osmotic pulling effect. The clay is combined with specific herbs to enhance the cleansing effect, drawing toxins out through the skin and releasing them into the digestive tract office 2016 key to be excreted. Clay packing is a gentle yet powerful way to detoxify the body externally, reducing stress on internal organs and allowing the body to function optimally.

Areas of the body that require clay packing are Interference Fields (IFs). IFs are body sites that have become depolarized, as a result of trauma or injury. Commonly this will occur if the body was nutritionally deficient or immune-compromised during the time of injury. The sites can include old scars, surgery, vaccinations, or any type of physical injury such as whiplash or a torn muscle, even if they no longer cause pain or discomfort.

Through Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) testing, injury sites can be tested to determine whether they are a true IF and require clay packing. True IFs act like a “short circuit”, disrupting the body’s natural energy flow and attracts the accumulation of heavy metals and toxins to store within the connective tissue. The accumulation of toxins interferes with nerves and proper energy flow and can reflex toxins to distant, unrelated body sites, often resulting in pain, fatigue and other symptoms that may appear unconnected. IFs are often a key underlying reason why certain symptoms are unresponsive to intervention.

Some IFs can have a Splat Effect, reflexing to multiple body sites. For example, a wisdom tooth extraction can reflex to a the lower back, knee and digestion causing pain or weakness in these areas. Also, multiple IFs can be reflexing to the one area. For example, an old appendix scar and whip lash injury can be reflexing to the reproductive area causing fertility problems.

By clay packing the IF, toxins are removed from the old injury site and reflex areas restoring the correct flow of energy. This allows nutrients back into those areas to promote healing. In clinic it’s often observed once IFs are cleared, less oral nutritional supplements are needed. This may be due to improved circulation, allowing nutrients to reach their targeted areas, improved digestive function, increasing the assimilation of nutrients from the food we eat and a decrease in toxic burden, decreasing the body’s nutritional demand.

After a clay packing session, it is recommended to use Medi-Body Bath or Medi Soak (as recommended by your practitioner) in a gentle foot bath or full body purification bath. This gently pulls toxins that have been released during the clay packing session from all body systems to prevent the toxins being lodged in another area. This is particularly important for sensitive people or those that have been chronically ill.