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Environmental Toxins by Kate Bird – naturopath

One can’t help but wonder how many common modern day diseases would still be around if we weren’t exposed to all the toxins that we are today. As we go about our daily routines, our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Our liver works hard to filter the toxins out of… Read more »

Flax Seed Super Mover Decoction

          This is a recipe for making a flax seed decoction by boiling the seeds for 20 minutes or more. Flax seeds are known as a mucilaginous food. Meaning when water is added it becomes slimy. Mucilaginous foods have several healing properties notably they sooth and heal membranes and tissues. Flax… Read more »

Mums and Bubs Group

  Join us for our Autumn ‘Mums and Bubs Group’. Come along and meet our team to learn how acupuncture and naturopathy may support you and your families health. Reserve your space on Facebook or at the practice at your next visit.

Breastfeeding Cookies

Maintaining good nutrition while breastfeeding is important to ensure a healthy recovery after pregnancy and birth. Lactation Cookies are a great snack alternative to boost nutrients and milk supply. Kate Bird               Breastfeeding Friendly Cookies Author: BioConcepts Pure Natal Recipe type: Easy Prep time:  10 mins     Cook time:  15 mins… Read more »

5 Tips for Infant Nutrition

5 Tips for Infant Nutrition Babies First Foods           It’s the food you feed your baby that provides the nutrients a growing baby needs to be healthy and well. A good start to life really does make a massive difference when it comes to nutrition therefore it’s important to feed your… Read more »

Ki, Qi and Chi

        Acupuncture is an energy medicine.  The energy that we work with in Oriental Medicine is known as ki (pronounced chee). It is sometimes spelled chi or qi in China. Ayurveda the ancient healing wisdom from India refers to a similar concept in the word prana meaning life force. So what is… Read more »

Gazpacho Recipe

A perfect cold soup that supports the heart and small intestines for the heat of summer! The element Fire, the taste of bitter and the colour red are associated with summer in traditional Chinese medicine. Bitter foods mostly come from greens. So this is the one time of year that salads are recommended to be eaten. So… Read more »

Summer Heart Health Workshop

Join us for our Summer workshop and learn how to take care of your heart health. Our team will be sharing their knowledge and expertise in matters of the heart including cardiovascular disease, emotional wellbeing and self help techniques to help heal your body and prevent stress. Limited spaces so please book via EventBrite: