Contraception Kit


Your healthy contraception choice 

Natural Fertility Management offers you contraception that is healthy and natural.

Your body gives you wonderful and unmistakable signs of fertility. You can easily learn to observe and interpret these signs in order to assist you to avoid unwanted conceptions.

You are only fertile for a few days each cycle. Once you have learnt to identify these days you will be free to have unprotected intercourse at all other times in your cycle (if infection is not a concern).

In the first few cycles you will learn methods that will enable you to manage your fertility throughout your fertile life.

Natural Fertility Management can be used by all women, whether or not their cycles are regular, and at any stage of their fertile life. All that is required for your successful use of NFM is motivation and a healthy curiosity about your own body.

Advantages of the Natural Fertility Management methods for contraception:

  • Studies show a range of success rates for the methods described in this kit as between 97% and 99.8%, when used correctly
  • Increased awareness of your own fertility and cycles
  • Easy to use and no side effects
  • No reliance on drugs or devices (where infection is not a concern)
  • Freedom to have unprotected intercourse throughout the majority of your cycle
  • Appropriate for all women and at all stages of your fertile life
  • Regularity is not essential
  • Applicable when coming off the Pill, breastfeeding and during perimenopause
  • No dangers to future fertility, pregnancies or children.

The Natural Fertility Management Contraception Kit™ teaches you to identify your fertile times through observing and interpreting the changes in your:

  • cervical mucus
  • body-at-rest (basal) temperature readings.

This enables you to know precisely when you are fertile in your hormonal cycle.

The effectiveness of these methods is further enhanced by also observing your:

  • bio-rhythmic lunar cycle.

This enables you to identify the times when an additional, spontaneous ovulation may occur. These times will be calculated for you (when you send in the Personal Lunar Calculation Order Card). Instructions in the Contraception Workbook will explain how to combine your Personal Lunar Calculations with your mucus and temperature readings to easily assess when you are fertile and when you are not.

The Kit will also show you how to use this information to avoid conception at your fertile times by abstaining or using barrier methods such as condoms or diaphragms.

The Natural Fertility Management Contraception Kit™ contains:

  • A copy of the best-seller Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish.
  • An easy-to-use NFM Contraception Workbook which includes:
    • full step-by-step instructions for learning the methods over the first few cycles and beyond
    • twelve cycle charts for recording your observations
    • guidelines for optimum reproductive health.
  • A Contraception CD which contains:
    • Track 1- Francesca Naish introduces you to the NFM methods
    • Track 2- Relaxation, visualisation and suggestions while you are learning these methods, and to help to synchronise your lunar and hormonal cycles. This will reduce your total number of fertile days and help to regulate your cycle.
  • A quality digital fertility thermometer, that reads your basal temperature to a hundredth of a degree.
  • An Order Card for your Personal Lunar Calculations and Moon Calendars for six full years, at no further cost to you.
  • A Time Machine (for adjusting your personal lunar calculations to different time zones when travelling).

Please note that no method of contraception is 100% effective. No guarantee can be given that contraception will be effective in individual cases.

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